For Professionals

The Value of Working Together

We take the time to investigate and build relationships with community leaders, supporting professionals, and local seniors and their families. Information we gather helps us create a community that feels like home. Using our resources and making connections with key individuals assists us in creating a lifestyle that is well-rounded and purpose driven.

Somerby strives to be a good neighbor. That is defined by our commitment to building strong partnerships with community leaders, businesses and senior-focused organizations. We are a credible and trustworthy resource to these groups and engage in community activities that drive social responsibility and awareness. We support and promote special causes and programs that contribute to the health and wellness of those living and working around us.

Somerby can help with educational programming, speakers, meeting space and support of causes close to your heart or organization. Please reach out to the community closest to you for support in these areas.


Let’s Get in Touch

If you know of anyone who is in need of our services or could benefit from a more supportive lifestyle, please trust us with that name. We will partner with you to help and provide a positive outcome for your group and community.


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